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Rick was a godsend. I had a 4-year relapse starting in 2014 in which I racked up several felony charges in Cobb County. As a result I plead out and got 6 years of felony probation. I kept drinking and as a result got 3 probation violations. The first time I violated I got Rick's number from another inmate as every attorney I spoke with wanted lots of money and would say I'd likely do a year or two in prison. Rick charged far less and had me out in 8 days! The second violation he had me out in two months, when again, other lawyers said I'd do far longer. Once I got sober, I had one remaining violation to clear up. I went into court and Rick convinced the judge to let me walk without doing a single day in jail. Rick was truly a godsend and I can't recommend him enough!


Marietta, GA

Rick is excellent at his work and takes advantage of everything he can to leverage a case in favor of his client. He achieved the best possible outcome for my case and was in contact with me as needed. He isn’t the type of lawyer to babysit and contact you unnecessarily, he is direct and to the point and handles your case without taking you away from your own life. He’s a very intelligent gentleman and will work hard for you, and that’s why I recommend him to all my friends and family.


Kennesaw, GA